Monday, September 24, 2012


First post in a week, first post since FitBloggin '12.

It was my first go, and holy ass, i had a blast. I met a bunch of absolutely amazing people, and never once did i feel out of place. I was greeted with open arms and friendly smiles, and i haven't felt so welcome by strangers in so very, very long. there were many talks, lots of sharing, and I genuinely feel better about where i'm headed fitness-wise than i ever have. there's a network of support just waiting to be tapped into. Soon, i will link to as many of the awesome people i met.

I was introduced to some new workouts including Crossfit, and it just so happens one opened up in town, so i think me and Sam are going to try this weekend. I'm not so sure about the trampolines, but we'll see.

Here are just some of the memories.

Opening night, didn't know a single soul, soon to change!

The shirt!

Sammie, the best friend, right after the Crossfit.

The esteemed MrsFatass, looking fabulous even when she's simply drinking water.

Lunch that day. the crowd got bigger than this, if you can imagine.

MrsFatass leading teh Zumba masses on Saturday with Sam's brilliant assistance! They were kick-fuckin'-ass.

The whole Zumba crowd

She's not as much of a dictator as she looks, i promise.

My favorite picture of this roll. They can whip a crowd like champs!

I'm sorry that i did not have my camera on me often enough to get pictures with some of the great people i met; i'm still kind of shy, i guess. I was usually the one taking the pictures. there's next year, though, and I'm already signed up. Count me in forever!


  1. Thanks for putting up pics of it! I want to go but I just couldn't make it and it looks like you all had so much fun!! I hope I can go next year!

  2. It was great meeting you at Fitbloggin! So much fun!

  3. Great Post and Nice Article.Thanks for sharing your Photos looking so Funny..